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More space for less cost. Building an addition to your home can cost twice as much as finishing the basement space you already own.

Your local certified home remodeling & waterproofing contractor in OH, PA & NY

DBC Remodeling & Construction is a kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, and basement contractor you can count on. Learn why our experts are preferred over a general contractor.

All Total Basement Finishing (TBF) companies are locally owned and operated by experienced, highly-trained home improvement contractors. While other contractors have to use standard, off-the-shelf products in your home, your local TBF dealer has exclusive access to a complete range of innovative, high-quality products designed specifically for basement finishing, sunroom installation, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling. TBF workers are trained at their national headquarters to ensure first-class installation. Highly trained installers + high-performance products = your best value in basement finishing, sunroom additions, and complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Our remodeling products are long-lasting

Using standard “above-grade” materials in the basement isn’t a good idea because wood framing, gypsum board, and fiberglass insulation can easily be ruined by moisture and mold. It doesn’t make sense to finish your basement with materials that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time.  Our basement finishing materials have no mold-prone organic content. Our wall systems utilize waterproof, high R-value rigid foam insulation, vinyl-faced cement board, and steel studs that can’t be damaged by moisture. Our maintenance-free flooring is also totally waterproof. Ask your TBF dealer for samples on these long-lasting products.

Your kitchen and bathrooms deal with constant traffic, whether it's the faucets, floors, countertops, or cabinets. Things are bound to break or need replacing when you use cheap materials to remodel your space, meaning more money out of your pocket in the long run. When you renovate such commonly used rooms like these, you want to make sure you are building something long-lasting. DBC Remodeling & Construction only uses high-quality, patented remodeling products to ensure your kitchen and bathroom are perfect.

Factory-trained, professional installers

All dealers are trained in the installation of the product by the manufacturer. This ensures that each bathroom, kitchen, and basement finishing system is installed properly and stands up to the limited lifetime warranty.

How to find a reputable sunroom dealer

When it comes to having any work done on your home, you want to hire a reliable company that specializes in the right services for your project. Adding on a sunroom can prove a challenge for some contractors due to the current outline of your home, the manufacturers and materials used, and whether or not the team has experience building sunrooms. Here are some helpful tips to finding the right sunroom contractors for your project:

  • 1. Do your research

    Home improvement projects always come with their own set of problems, but the right contractors should be able to make the entire process stress-free. It is crucial to shop around, do your research, and ask for referrals before hiring just anyone to work on your new sunroom. You should research the company's history and verify if they are currently licensed, along with the different manufacturers they use. Don't forget to talk with contractors about obtaining the proper permits and inspections for your new sunroom installation!

  • 2. What about financing?

    Paying for a new sunroom out of pocket is hardly realistic for many, and no contractor should ever expect that. When you are researching different companies, be sure to check if they offer any financing solutions. Being able to finance your new sunroom could make a big difference in your entire design and installation.

    Another helpful tip - when you're discussing financing your project with a contractor, make sure they provide you with an accurate price. It is best to get a physical copy of the estimate to clarify the cost down to the last penny and prevent hidden fees or charges from appearing later.

  • 3. Manufacturers and Warranties

    Different companies use different manufacturers, products, and tools for their services. If you want to ensure high-quality products are being applied to your sunroom project, talk to contractors about what manufacturers they use.

    To take things a step further, ask your contractor what warranties, if any, they offer on their sunroom products. Having a warranty in place will help equip you with peace of mind knowing you are receiving the best products and are covered if anything ever needs replacing.

  • 4. Who will be doing the work?

    You want to know who exactly is doing any work on your home for security purposes. Confirm that the company you choose to hire will be using their crew to work on your sunroom and not bringing in subcontractors.

    You also should confirm their work schedule - how long the project will last, and what happens if any changes or delays occur.

  • 5. Walk-through the process

    A good contractor will provide you with a complete and thorough walk-through of the sunroom installation process. Having a walk-through before allows you to ask questions about what products to use and what you are looking for if something does not match your vision. A walk-through at the end of the installation process allows the contractor to answer any final questions about your new sunroom. Just a reminder - a contractor who works with you on achieving your dream sunroom is a reliable choice.

  • 6. Extra questions to ask

    To ensure you are hiring the best-suited contractor for your sunroom installation, we've come up with some additional questions to help you weed out the wrong guys! Ask a few of the following questions to guarantee you have found the perfect contractors for the job:

    1. Why should I choose a sunroom over a standard room addition?
    2. What size sunrooms are available?
    3. Why are you the best at what you do?
    4. What percentage of your overall business is sunrooms?
    5. Who trains your sunroom installation crew?
    6. Is there a sunroom that your company recently built that we could see?

Design consultation, financing, and customer service

When you schedule your design consultation, we'll send out a DBC Remodeling & Construction System Designer who will work with you to design the perfect basement, sunroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling plan to suit your needs and style.

The Total Basement Finishing™ dealer network of trained home improvement contractors offers the best system features, service, and design. For an estimate in Meadville, Harborcreek, Erie, Warren, Mentor, Edinboro, Corry, Jamestown, Ashtabula, Titusville, and surrounding areas, contact us today!

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