• Andrea Bierer

Sunrooms and sanity!

So I'm not sure about all of you, but these weeks of isolation have been a mixture of many strong emotions and what feels like a little too much "togetherness" at times. With two of us working from home, two kids schooling at home, and two dogs trying to figure out why the people never leave, I keep saying that I don't know how I would have kept my sanity without our sunroom...and all joking aside, I've realized it's true. This amazing room full of windows and sunlight has become the place every member of this house prefers to spend almost all of our time. It's where I have set up a desk to work, it's where my husband and I drink coffee in the morning and where we meet back again in the evening to chat and catch up with the kids. It's where they do school work, where we sit and watch sunsets, where we eat dinner and play games. I'm beyond grateful that we made this addition to our house last year and to have had this extra space at this unusual time in life.

We even had fun filming this fun little video on it a few weeks ago. :)

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