Age in Place

Aging in Place

Remodel your bathroom with a universal design to accommodate everyone regardless of age, size, or ability

Your home is a place where your family and friends can gather and grow together for years to come. When you are contemplating a remodel, you should make sure the new room is accessible and friendly.

When remodeling your bathroom, you want to create a luxurious and long-lasting space that fits your lifestyle. As we age, we start to require different features in our bathroom for safety and functionality purposes. At DBC Remodeling & Construction, we understand that as your life and abilities change, your bathroom should be able to keep up with those changes. We specialize in whole bathroom remodeling but also help to prepare you for changes later on in life. Contact our bathroom specialist online or at 1-844-417-0906 to schedule a quote today in Meadville, Harborcreek, Erie, or nearby!

Bathroom remodeling features to make life easier

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project because you can customize every detail to match you and your family's lifestyle. You also have the unique opportunity to add in different features to make your bathroom more accessible and accommodating as your family changes in age or abilities. DBC Remodeling & Construction can help you design the perfect bathroom to match your style and life from the custom tiles to the exact placement of the showerhead and lights. Check out some of our special bathroom features to help you age in place:

Main Level Access

Converting the half bath or powder room on the first floor into a full bathroom makes it easier for people to access the bathroom, without having to face a staircase.

Expand the Doorway and Floor Space

Making the doorframe to your bathroom wider allows your bathroom to be more handicap accessible for those in a wheelchair or with other mobility issues. We also recommend having at least 5 feet of open floor space to make sure there is adequate room to move around.


Adding adequate lighting can completely change any room, especially the bathroom. Having lights in the shower, doorway, and vanity helps to illuminate everything for users.

Non-slip Flooring

Your bathroom could be a dangerous slip risk with the wrong flooring materials. Design your bathroom with slip-resistant floorings, such as small mosaic tiles or larger tiles with wide grout lines, to create good traction and prevent any potential accidents.

Choose the Right Hardware

Make your bathroom storage more accessible with the proper hardware, like D-shaped handles on your doors. A single lever faucet can be turned on and off easily with an open palm or fist. These universal designs are available in several different finishes, textures, and colors, so you can still achieve your desired vision.

Buy a Taller Toilet

Installing a taller toilet makes it easier for people with mobility issues to take a seat since they do not have to sit so low.

Install a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are not only a luxurious look, but they are handicap-friendly. Guests in a wheelchair or with other mobility issues are able to use your vanity comfortably.

Unique Storage Niches

Having lots of storage space in your bathroom is essential, but you risk losing space to move around in. We recommend you create a brand new space to store your belongings in between the studs. Installing a storage niche produces a new shelf to store your items right in your wall, so it is not jutting out.

Install a Grab Bar

Adding grab bars to your bathroom helps create a sense of ease and independence while also ensuring guests with any mobility issues remain safe. We recommend installing grab bars next to your toilet and in your shower or bath to assist guests in any way they need it.

Walk-in Showers & Benches

Using the shower can be a challenge for anyone with mobility issues or of an older age. Designing a walk-in shower allows for any guest to get in and out of the shower comfortably. You can add a custom tiled bench to your shower, so guests can sit down if they need to.

Another universal and luxurious design you can add to your shower is multiple showerheads. Installing multiple showerheads at different levels allows for guests of any size or mobility to clean themselves.

Accessible Towels

Adding a towel or robe hook outside your shower makes it easier for people with mobility issues to grab a towel.

Design a universally accessible bathroom today in Harborcreek, Corry, & nearby!

DBC Remodeling & Construction can help you remodel your bathroom completely to match your vision and ever-changing lifestyles, including possible age or ability issues. You can learn more about how to age in place with a complete bathroom remodel without losing that luxurious feeling here.

Contact our whole bathroom remodeling experts online or call us at 1-844-417-0906 to schedule a quote today. We are proud to completely remodel bathrooms in Warren, Mentor, Edinboro, Corry, Jamestown, Ashtabula, Titusville, Erie, Harborcreek, Meadville, and surrounding areas.

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